Sales of bulk commodities, diesel, refined oil, gasoline, crude oil, National No. 60 diesel, and fuel cards

Commodities, diesel, refined oil, gasoline, crude oil, No. 60 diesel, oil cards, scratch card, Chip card sales of commodities trading, diesel, Sinopec, petrochina, CNOOC and other countries 60 diesel, oil card sales ;

Standard trading process: 
1, the buyer to provide qualifications, funding certification audit.
 2. Sign the intermediary agreement and verify the capital. 
3, inspect the property right documents in the official building of the oil enterprise headquarters, sign the purchase and sale contract, go through the transaction procedures and payment. 
4. Pick up the fuel card or pick up the goods from the warehouse.

Commodities: diesel, gasoline, oil cards, Chile electrolytic copper, copper scrap, military shell shell scrap copper, aluminum ingots, tungsten steel, coal, thermal coal, sugar, corn, rice, chicken feet, cranberry gloves and other commodities supply and trade cooperation, investment in infrastructure projects, hydropower stations, power stations, charging stations and other energy science and technology projects, Enterprise Investment and financing cooperation. Friends who have procurement needs or first-hand supply, welcome to contact us. 

Commodities trading supply hotline: 1348014500 (wechat)