Spot supply of bulk diesel, copper, aluminum, coal, sugar, corn, and chicken fee


     Supply of bulk diesel, copper, aluminum, coal, white sugar, corn, chicken feet in stock by WISH Company   

     Our company currently has bulk commodities, diesel, oil trucks, electrolytic copper, scrap copper, copper, aluminum ingots, coal, white sugar, Brazilian white sugar, corn, chicken feet, and bulk commodity trade. We have first-hand sources of goods and central enterprise sources, which can be used as collateral sources. We also have national bulk supply of spot futures.

      Infrastructure investment in new energy, construction investment in power plants, hydropower stations, wind and photovoltaic power stations, automotive charging stations, and cooperation in new energy infrastructure investment.

       The company has 500 exclusive social security special subsidy agents, preferential financing for state-owned urban investment companies, cooperation in enterprise investment and financing, venture capital for science and technology innovation enterprises, advertising operation agency for enterprise e-commerce platforms, and letter of credit issuance agency

Hotline for commodity supply: 13048014500 (WeChat)