Nitrile gloves and latex gloves, PVC, PE gloves, what is the difference?

      Nitrile gloves and latex gloves, PVC, PE gloves, what is the difference? 

1, nitrile butadiene gloves: by the EMULSION polymerization of Butadiene and acrylonitrile produced by the product excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and good, using high-quality nitrile butadiene rubber with other additives, refined processing, no allergic reaction to human skin.
2. Latex gloves: made from Latex, natural latex and other fine additives. 
3. PVC GLOVES: made from polyvinyl chloride, anti static and treated in Class1000 clean room with high purity water and ultrasonic cleaning. 
4, PE GLOVES: disposable gloves, by polyethylene LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE blown film compression.

Features: 1, LATEX GLOVES: Latex gloves have wear resistance, puncture resistance; acid and Alkali resistance, grease, fuel oil and a variety of solvents, etc. ;have a wide range of anti-chemical properties, good oil-proof effect; Latex gloves have unique fingertip texture design, greatly enhance the grip,effectively prevent skidding. 

2.NBR GLOVES: NBR check gloves are wearable in both hands, made of 100% NBR LATEX, free of protein, effectively avoiding protein allergy; main properties are puncture resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance; hemp surface treatment, the utility model can avoid the sliding of the appliance when used, the high tensile strength can avoid the tearing when wearing, and the powder-free treatment can be easily worn, thus effectively avoiding the skin allergy caused by the powder. 
3, PVC GLOVES: WEAK ACID and weak base resistance; low ion content; good flexibility and touch; suitable for semiconductor, LCD and hard disk production processes.

Industry use: 1.Pe gloves are non medical grade gloves, mainly used in the catering industry 

2. Latex gloves are medical-grade gloves used in medical operations. Natural Latex, a raw material, can cause a reduction in the proportion of human allergies. 

3. PVC gloves and nitrile gloves belong to both medical and non-medical grade gloves, and are the most widely used disposable protective gloves in various countries. 

4. nitrile gloves have superior performance in Antistatic, tensile, comfort, etc. , with lower costs and increased spending power in the future may replace latex gloves and PVC gloves share here today, if you need to find me Oh! 

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                published on 2021-04-21