How to choose sports mask? Masks also have a useful life! Masks should not be worn for a long time!

There are many kinds of masks on the market. Medical protective mask is a kind of close fitting self-priming filtering medical protective equipment. It can filter particles in the air and isolate droplets, blood, body fluids and secretions. It is mainly used for disease prevention. The disposable medical mask is mainly used by medical staff when accepting patients and performing invasive operation. It can isolate particles, droplets and dust in the air of PM2.5 mask. Usually, the skim gauze mask is a kind of protective health care products, which has certain filtering effect on microorganisms, droplets and dust in the air. It is used for the prevention of common diseases and the prevention of swine flu. The medical protective mask has high quality requirements, good filtering effect, strong tightness and moisture resistance. Secondly, N95 mask can be selected, which has good tightness and filtering effect and is suitable for various occasions. In case of shortage of goods, disposable medical masks and gauze masks can also be selected. In general, the civil mask is a kind of daily health care products, which is mainly used to keep out the cold. Its raw materials and specifications are not consistent, so it has no effect on disease prevention.

Mask selection

1. N95 type gas mask can effectively filter virus, and its application effect is better than that of mask. But it is heavy, and the users will feel uncomfortable for a long time. What's more, it's not as breathable as a mask.

2. Pharmacies or hardware stores can purchase masks or N95 gas masks. After using masks or N95 gas masks, it is necessary to place them in a separate area and do not contact with other objects.

It is a kind of medical protective equipment, which is used to prevent the air from flowing, and can be used to prevent the air from flowing

4. In general, the gauze mask is a kind of protective health care products, which has certain filtering effect on microorganisms, droplets and dust in the air, and has no protective effect, and is ineffective in preventing nail flu

5. In general, the civil mask (cartoon mask) is a kind of daily health care products, which is mainly used to keep out the cold. Its raw materials and specifications are not consistent, so it is useless to prevent diseases.

6. N95 mask, in accordance with NIOSH N95 approval, N95 specification, with 0.075 micron diameter particle air flow through the mask, the isolation success rate of more than 95% is in line with N95 specification (the straight diameter of coronavirus - swine influenza virus, SARS source is about 0.1-0.12 μ m). This kind of mask is high performance medical, anti-virus, bacteria isolation, super comfortable mask, suitable for all kinds of occasions

Masks also have a useful life

Many people choose masks only pay attention to a few layers, but pay little attention to the key information such as the production date and useful period of masks.

It is understood that medical masks have now been approved for marketing as medical devices, while the gauze masks are not normally managed as medical devices. Therefore, the selection of medical masks can be judged by whether they are marked with the production license number (drug supervision equipment production license number) and registration certificate (drug supervision equipment approval number XX, year, etc.). . Jiaqu standardizes the purchase of pharmacy.

When selecting the mask, pay attention to the appearance and shape of the mask. The mask appearance is neat and even, without damage and stain, odorless and tasteless, and the size is consistent with the standard. We should check the basic information of the goods together. In addition to the title, standard model, manufacturer, code number and approval number of the goods, we should also pay attention to the date of production and the useful life. Generally, the useful life of masks is two years. In addition, Jia has its own small package.

Don't forget to wash your hands before wearing them

Many people wear masks very casually, but... It is pointed out that they should wash their hands completely before and after wearing masks.

The correct way to wear the mask is: wash hands before wearing the mask, then take out the mask in the independent small package bag, fasten the rope to fix the mask, and tie the headband behind the head and neck respectively to make the mask close to the face. The mask should completely cover the nose, mouth and chin. Some people will find it difficult to breathe when wearing a mask, so they only cover their mouth with their nose exposed. This kind of wearing method does not have the effect of protecting against influenza A.

After wearing the mask, prevent contact with the mask to prevent the maintenance effect from falling. If it is necessary to contact masks, wash hands thoroughly before and after contact. When removing the mask, try not to touch the outside of the mask to prevent bacteria from getting on your hands. However, Jia also washes his hands completely after taking off the mask.

Masks should not be worn for a long time

Some people are worried about the spread of influenza A virus and wear masks all day long. ... pointed out that this method of wearing masks is not accurate.

People in good health do not advocate wearing masks in their daily life and normal social activities. If wear mask for a long time, can make nasal mucous membrane become weak, lost original physiology function of nasal cavity.

If you need to contact with patients with influenza A (H1N1), or if you are in a crowded and non ventilated environment for a long time, you should wear a mask to protect yourself. Old people with weak resistance or people with underlying diseases should also pay attention to wearing masks when they go to places where there are many people.

Usually in the low population density, and ventilation or open occasions, the virus is not easy to infect, we do not need to wear masks. For example, when walking on the street, it is usually unnecessary to wear a mask. If you are in the wild, it is even more unnecessary.

Keep a distance of 2 meters away from the patient. If the caregiver has to contact the patient (for example, to hold the sick child), shorten the time as far as possible, and use a mask or N95 gas mask.